the chronicles of ajop

that's andrew joonhyun otis paik to you (and me). here are the early years in the life of.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

and friends are callin' yoohoo

We may not have Jack Frost or sleighrides but it's not for lack of enthusiasm. Mock if you will but there are actually two skating rinks within 5 miles of our house. I, of course, wanted to introduce little o to the wonders of what can happen when an exuberance of money meets its match in nostalgia. But Ben noted that there are more dignified ways of breaking the young man's head open. And given our collective skills on the ice, I had to agree. 

But dressing your defenseless kid like an elf? That knows no geographic boundries. It's a time honored ritual that I'm sure will continue for as long as footy pajamas and the color red exist. So here's my homage to that great tradition :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

mini me

if you ever wondered if ben considered himself too cool to play dress up... well, here's your answer.

the yummiest mush ever

who knew rice cereal could be so delicious? small birds with more beak than head have nothing on our little man. he bobs and lurches and chomps on his soft pastel spoon like nobody's business.

there really wasn't any doubt that he'd be a good eater. i mean, come on, who are his parents? :) we're hoping some non-boob sustenance puts some meat on his bones. (97% in height, 42% in weight)

so far we've been able to somewhat contain the mess but it's only a matter of time before he's wearing more than he consumes. that should be entertaining :) 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

sittin' pretty

my mom hasn't been very good about posting my "firsts" but she was on ball today. here's my first successful attempt to sit up by myself. 

a new day

that's right. not even my first cold could stop me from voting with my mom. very exciting day.  

Sunday, August 31, 2008

apple jack

There's no shortage but our little dude just got another moniker. A is Apple, J is for Jack. His cousins are to blame for this one. And guess what Emma and Nicole? When you said goodbye Apple Jack could only roll from back to belly but no more. When the mood strikes, he is one rollin' fool-- back to belly, belly to back and back again. Of course it's only to the right but ambiturning's for the birds.

Sleeping at night? For the most part-- yes. Days? Not so much. But we're hopeful that our starfrog (his new favorite sleep position) will get with the program. One fine day. Soon. Before his mother trades him in for a less twitchy model.

100 days

In a land far away many moons ago, reaching 100 days was a very big deal. In a fragile age it meant you were out of the woods and it was time to bust out the big rice cake. Times are more certain now but who are we to pass up a chance to celebrate our favorite little man?