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Thursday, December 11, 2008

and friends are callin' yoohoo

We may not have Jack Frost or sleighrides but it's not for lack of enthusiasm. Mock if you will but there are actually two skating rinks within 5 miles of our house. I, of course, wanted to introduce little o to the wonders of what can happen when an exuberance of money meets its match in nostalgia. But Ben noted that there are more dignified ways of breaking the young man's head open. And given our collective skills on the ice, I had to agree. 

But dressing your defenseless kid like an elf? That knows no geographic boundries. It's a time honored ritual that I'm sure will continue for as long as footy pajamas and the color red exist. So here's my homage to that great tradition :)


Mom-of-Bean said...

Let's be those momzillas who sent their sons off to college with footie pajamas...just because they are soooo cute...I'll call before too long...folks are here...very, you and your guys...

Tailinh said...

so adorable! he seems so happy!